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Emergency high speed building link: live within 3 working days

Case study published: 15th September 2021

Client: Soter Professional Services Ltd

Soter Professional Services Ltd is a fast-growing, Norwich based contact centre, working 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Founded in 2011, Soter manages ancillary insurance products for the broker, insurer and affinity markets. They outgrew their office and needed a larger building to accommodate their growing work force. They approached BT Openreach and ordered a lease line.


BT arrived on site to find they had an incorrect postcode for the new premises. Openreach were unable to install the line, leaving Soter, with no internet access at their new premises. Red5 Networks came to the rescue.

VoIP Worth Considering? 

Article published: 5th August 2021

Leased lines over the air: live within 7 working days

Case study published: 12th May 2021

Client: Heritage Wills

With many more workers working from home and now relying on a high-speed, high-quality link back to the office, Heritage Wills faced a problem supporting their remote employees using their existing ‘fibre broadband’ connection.


The maximum upload speed of 20mbps was beginning to become a bottleneck and the connection had also developed issues causing remote workers to suffer short yet frequent and frustrating dropouts.

Tech Article

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, businesses using conventional landlines have switched to VoIP technology, allowing more flexible, remote teleworking. Remote workers use their software programme or app to make and receive business calls, using their business number.


A VoIP phone uses Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology, and uses a hardware and/or software application. VoIP technology allows the user to make voice calls through an internet connection, instead of a conventional analogue line.

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