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Red5 Networks provides a host of cloud based services that allow your business to work remotely, seamlessly.

Red5 Networks Cloud Services

Cloud services offer powerful benefits for small business through to large enterprises, from greater productivity and enhanced efficiency to significant cost reductions and simplified IT management. Cloud computing can also enable the mobile services that employees increasingly use when accessing company data and applications.

In addition to our core hosted offerings, our profile includes further cloud services below. If you need any further information on what Red5 Networks can do for you, please give us a call or contact us through our web site.

Microsoft 365 Services

Microsoft 365 is a way for businesses to subscribe to Windows and Office software. This can include your Windows operating system, Office software, hosted email services & storage, collaboration tools and advanced security features all in a single monthly subscription. It’s an incredibly powerful resource and is hugely popular with small and large businesses alike.

As a Microsoft CSP, Red5 can provide and manage these services for you. Below are some of the benefits to Red5’s offering.
•    Our experienced team can assist with any queries to ensure our customers have the right services to suit their business.
•    Our close working, customer relationship provides them with answers when needed from someone they know and trust.
•    There’s no additional cost to using Red5, so we’re providing a better service for the same price. 
•    All services can be kept with the same provider, on the same invoice for simple billing.

Get in touch to discuss how you can start making use of Microsoft 365 in your business


Windows & Linux Hosted Cloud Services

Red5 Networks hosting services are the ideal solution for businesses looking to host their servers offsite. Choose from the most popular operating systems for both Windows and Linux.

We can support your existing environment and assist you to scale to a new environment based on individual requirements. We will support Windows and Linux Server OS and can work alongside existing IT teams as an escalation point, or for advice moving forward. 

Red5 Networks can provide you with the following services:

  • Windows Server - All supported versions

  • MS SQL Server - All support versions

  • IIS, Active Directory, File & folder services

  • Microsoft Exchange


Unifi Wireless Cloud Controller System

To work in conjunction with our Unifi wireless systems, Red5 offer a hosted Unifi Cloud Controller to centrally manage and monitor all your Access Points. This saves the worry of providing your own platform to manage your AP’s and allows you to connect multiple sites to a centralised system with very little configuration.

Pricing is based on an initial Cloud Controller System for the first 5 access points and then further AP can be added as your system grows.

As well as our Cloud Controller, Red5 offer a managed Maintenance Contract for its Unifi systems to reduce potential downtime or concerns with wireless being unavailable.

What’s included?
•    Hardware cover for your access points. Faulty AP’s will be replaced with new units and added to your existing system.
•    Proactive monitoring of all access points notifications should an AP be offline for a day and suggested course of action.
•    2 Hours of re-programming work per year. Additional APs, new SSID, zone setups, etc

Pricing is based on an initial contract for the first 5 access points and then further AP can be added as your system grows.

Avast Antivirus Cloudcare Services

Avast is a long established anti-virus company and have recently moved many of their traditional services in to a centrally managed cloud portal. Avast Cloudcare gives you access to your own account where you can add/remove machines as desired, create new policies and push them out to all or select devices, and receive email alerts for any issues and scans.

Red5 offers Avast Cloudcare at competitive rates to give you easy access to a world of hosted services that you can manage with minimal technical knowledge. 

Pricing is per device that uses the service unless otherwise stated and can be added/removed on a month by month basis. If the service is used within a calendar month, it will be classed as active for that month.

OpenVPN Cloud Gateway Services

Red5 Networks offer an OpenVPN Gateway service offering secure connections to your company network without the hassle of configuration. 

Because a VPN connection occurs over a non-secure network medium, you must implement security measures. A VPN connection usually takes the form of a standard TCP/IP connection with an IP packet wrapped around the original packet. An encrypted payload inside this encapsulated packet is difficult to tamper with. This secure encapsulation is often called a tunnel. A VPN server on the company network acts as the tunnel coordinator and endpoint.

Remote laptops, PCs, phones typically run a VPN client connected to their company network via Red5 Networks OpenVPN Gateway service.




choose a service to find out more


Built in business continuity and disaster recovery with call re-routing

Why choose a cloud solution?


No need for large capital investment in hardware and software. Makes IT budgeting simpler with fixed monthly costs.


Employees working remotely can easily access all the could services. All they need is Internet connectivity.


Our cloud offerings deliver the right amount of IT resources for each stage of your business’ growth.


Our cloud solutions allow you to deploy your service quickly allowing you to get the resources required for your system rapidly.


We pride ourselves on our 1st class, technical support service across our entire host of services. 


Our cloud security is taken very seriously with tight procedures and technology that secure cloud computing environments against both external and insider cybersecurity threats. 

For more information on our services give us a call on 01603 859669 or send us an enquiry
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