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VoIP Worth Considering? 

Tech article published: 5th August 2021

Tech Article

So, let’s compare VoIP, to a conventional landline.

A VoIP phone uses Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology, and uses a hardware and/or software application. VoIP technology allows the user to make voice calls through an internet connection, instead of a conventional analogue line.

On first impressions, a VoIP based, desk phone might appear to be identical to a regular, office desk phone. However, they use very different technology to make and receive calls. A regular, desk phone makes voice calls using a physical, pair of copper wires. VoIP on the other hand sends and receives voice calls in the form of data packets over the internet.


A VoIP phone can also take the form of softphone. This can be a software programme or app, which does not require a physical desk phone.

VoIP technology is very adaptable and versatile for all size of businesses. Phone lines are utilised from any location and calls can seamlessly transfer from an office desk phone to a mobile phone. In the same application, conversations can transition from SMS to phone call, to video conference call.

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, businesses using conventional landlines have switched to VoIP technology, allowing more flexible, remote teleworking. Remote workers use their software programme or app to make and receive business calls, using their business number. In addition to this, businesses can access a range of standard call features and capabilities. Understandably, this has evolved into a must-have tool for remote workers, and a significant step forward in the digital transformation process. When business security is of high importance, combining a VPN (virtual private network) connection with a VoIP service, your communication is protected by multi-layer encryption.

What role will conventional analogue phone systems play in a digital future of unified communications for your company? Now is the right time to switch to VoIP.

All businesses have their own unique requirements; nevertheless, we are confident VoIP is the best answer in the majority of cases. This digital transformation will ensure businesses stay current and efficient in their telephony needs.


It is popular opinion amongst business that VoIP has the capability and advantages, conventional landline technology simply cannot match.

If versatility, security, and affordability are at the forefront of your business technology decisions, adopting VoIP is the communication solution you have been looking for.

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