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Leased lines over the air: live within 7 working days

Case study published: 12th May 2021

Client: Heritage Wills

The Problem
With many more workers working from home and now relying on a high-speed, high-quality link back to the office, Heritage Wills faced a problem supporting their remote employees using their existing ‘fibre broadband’ connection.
The maximum upload speed of 20mbps was beginning to become a bottleneck and the connection had also developed issues causing remote workers to suffer short yet frequent and frustrating dropouts.


The Solution
On the recommendation of S2 Computers, Heritage Wills agreed that the improved upload capabilities of a leased line, combined with the guaranteed service quality and high level of support, were what was required to move forward.

Red5 Networks would be the key to providing the solution. 

Providing a dedicated fibre to the site involves first waiting on an Openreach survey, followed by an installation appointment and then an appointment for the final ‘bring-live’ of the connection. This usually amounts to a lead time of 45 to 60 days. At present, this can be significantly increased as the BT engineering teams are dealing with increased demand as well as additional health and safety considerations when visiting customer sites.

S2 Computers contacted us about the possibility of our Ultranet service delivering 100mbps. We arranged a site visit to Heritage Wills and agreed that delivery through a suitable microwave connection could solve the issue both quickly and without the potential additional costs of a fibre optic install.   

As S2 Computers were scheduled to carry out some system maintenance shortly before the Christmas break, they were keen to incorporate making use of the new connection as part of the work to avoid any additional downtime. Heritage Wills were also keen to see the back of their troublesome broadband as soon as possible!


Once the order was committed, we made an installation appointment that fell within 7 working days and, crucially, ready for S2 Computers to incorporate the new internet connection as part of their scheduled IT works.                                                                                                   
S2 Comment 
“We got recommended to Heritage Wills by an existing client as they were experiencing IT issues that were stopping their staff from working and causing a lot of frustration. They had already tried various people to solve the issues, to no avail. That’s when we approached Red 5, the team was superb and not only had the solution the client needed but went over and above to get it installed in a very short timeframe. The result of which is a very happy client, with Heritage Wills no longer having internet issues and staff now working productively from home”

Heritage Wills’ response
“After switching to Red5 late last year, we have not looked back.  We have been very impressed with everything from the efficiency and speed that they got us back on line to the wonderful singing from Ivan whilst on site.  The support we have received has been excellent.  We are very grateful for the patience and helpfulness they have shown whilst having to deal with technophobes.”

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