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Emergency high speed building link: live within 3 working days

Case study published: 15th September 2021

Client: Soter Professional Services Ltd

Soter Professional Services is a fast-growing, Norwich based contact centre, working 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


Founded in 2011, Soter manages ancillary insurance products for the broker, insurer and affinity markets. Soter outgrew their office and needed a larger building to accommodate their growing work force. They approached BT Openreach and ordered a lease line.


BT arrived on site to find they had an incorrect postcode for the new premises. Openreach were unable to install the line, leaving Soter, with no internet access at their new premises. Soter’s IT support company, S2 Computers, contacted Red5 Networks to explore the possibilities. Red5 Networks dispatched an engineer the following day and suggested we install a secure, point-to-point, wireless bridge from the existing office to the new one.

Within 3 days, Red5 Networks had planned and completed the installation, allowing Soter to operate from both buildings over one seamless network. Red5 Networks gave Soter back the 3 months it would have lost, had they waited for the leased line to be re-ordered.


Lead project engineer, Tom Leaney said “in addition to the challenges brought by the physical installation and the compressed timescale, it was important to multiplex the voice and data networks across the link using VLANs. We separated them out again at the far end, thus making a completely transparent link. This requires very little or no maintenance, introduces no bottlenecks and provides complete, plug-and-play functionality”.

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Soter’s new wireless bridge is mission critical to the business and is covered by a 24 hour support contract. It is only a temporary solution, which Red5 Networks provided on a flexible, short-term basis.

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